Automation – Is the means by which to provide you better overall service.  Real time transactions allow us to provide you with the information that you need, quickly and accurately. We can electronically get you your policy information needed so that we can promptly provide you with service. We can electronically send digital information or scanned documents to you or others at your request. All documents are stored and secured on our agency management system. Strict adherence of privacy policies are practiced at all times as we have fiduciary responsibilities to guard your personal information.

It is our objective to be able to improve customer satisfaction and offer value added approaches by utilizing automation and providing you with “real time” transactions. This approach offers our customers greater access to accurate information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Considerable time and money has been invested to standardize the agency’s work flow and establish procedures and practices. The creation of electronic, intuitive manuals to assist with the work flow has proven to be of extreme value. These standardized, interactive procedure manuals that are utilized in our daily operation also provides the format to be more consistent in the service provided and provides our staff with quick and accurate information as a constant reference tool.

Today’s business environment is more dynamic than ever before and as technology plays an ever increasing role, we find it is essential to have a firm grasp on those constantly changing variables. It is our objective to continue to adapt to those changes and have the foresight to be out in front of these anticipated dynamics as much as humanly possible. It is also understood that carriers operate on a wide spectrum of operational platforms. We realize that our organization must be “AGILE” enough to be able to adapt our work flow initiatives to meet the specific requirements of each specific carrier.

We employ this “change philosophy” as we look to continue to offer you new and innovative ways to improve your overall experience. If you have suggestions on how we may improve your overall service experience, please do not hesitate to send us an email of give us a call at 315-782-2020.