About Us

DOUG_DIERDier Agency, Inc. operates as an independent insurance agency primarily serving customers in about a four county reach. The main scope of our business is to sell and service property and casualty insurance products to both individuals and businesses. We currently operate two agencies in Jefferson County under approved trade names: A. T. Matthews & Dier, located in Watertown NY and Timerman Adams Agency, which has a location in Chaumont NY.

Dier initially purchased a long established insurance agency in the City of Watertown, A.T. Matthews & Son Inc., in April of 2000.  As the agency grew, more insurance carriers were added to the lineup of companies available to effectively offer customer more viable options. The Timerman Adams Agency was purchased in the summer of 2009 as a long term associate Jerry Adams retired and sold his book to Douglas Dier. Today the agency continues to grow and reach customers throughout Northern and Central New York.

Since March of 2003 we have operated in a “paperless” environment which allows the agency to offer real time service to clients quickly, accurately and effectively.  This quick storage and retrieval of information enables “our team” to provide a higher level of service with much greater transactional efficiency in document storage, retrieval and file notation.

Automation is the means by which we strive to provide our customers with better overall service. Through the years it has been our quest to develop excellence in all areas of our agency operation. Our service goals and objectives has guided this initiative and is the premise from which we looked to out serve our competition. All agency objectives were created, generated and executed with the goal of providing improved service to our customers.

In February of 2008 we purchased a new and upgraded agency management system, AMS 360 online. This web-based solution enhanced document management and retrieval ability by providing easier indexing, additional storage and faster retrieval of scanned and electronic images.  As part of the service provided, Vertafore (parent company of AMS360) also maintains the backup of the data and all other features of the system at an off-site location.

Considerable time and money has been earmarked to standardize the agency’s work flow and establish procedures and practices. The creation of electronic, intuitive manuals to assist us with the work flow has proven to be of extreme value. These standardized, interactive procedure manuals that are utilized in our daily operation also provide the format for initial training of new employees as well as a constant reference tool.  We are confident that quick and accurate access to information allows us the opportunity to provide you with better service.

Maintaining the security of privacy of personal information is an important responsibility of this agency. Dier Agency Inc. has strict adherence to an Information Security Program designed to safeguard the security and confidentiality of customer information, protect against any reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of the information and protect against unauthorized access to, or use of the information that could result in harm or inconvenience to any customer. This shall be accomplished through the administrative, technical and physical safeguards outlined in the Privacy Program.