Erie Insurance IT Leaders Visit



 Left to Right: Front row: Sue Kirch, Renee Lucidi, Shawnna Brotherton, Katie Murphy, Linda Greiner, Karen Harkness, Christine Estok, Debbie Dier and Doug Dier.  Back Row: Alex Lee, Cassie Booth, Rich Bently, April LaRock, Bill Pebley Dan Edmonds and J.M. Miller

Improving Insurance Together

Pictured above is the staff at A.T. Matthews & Dier and senior supervisors from Erie Insurance Group. The team from Erie visited the local business as a pilot agency tasked with assisting them to improve agency-company integration of information and processing. This project was initiated by Robert Ingram, Executive VP Chief Information Officer at Erie for the purpose of improving the level of service that Erie Insurance Agencies are able to offer to their customers.

 The company has been working with the local insurance agency and Douglas Dier over that past several years as Dier has served on Erie Agent Task Force since 2010. He is the New York State Representative in the area of Information Technology. Doug and his team at Dier Agency Inc. have participated on high level projects at this top-rated Fortune 500 Company for several years now. Along with their involvement with Erie leaders, they are also currently piloting a web based Erie Homeowner’s product to be introduced in New York on 12/1/2013.  The agency was chosen to participate because of the highly automated format that they operate from and understanding of the overall issues.

 This Erie visit was scheduled in direct response to agents concerns as the insurance company sent six supervisory level leaders and project managers from the home office at Erie Insurance Group. They spent several days working with staff in the Watertown office looking at the issues from an agency perspective.  The objective is to improve the overall user experience at the agency level. This specific project has been underway since this past August when A. T. Matthews & Dier was first asked to focus on this interface matter.  

 According to Debra Dier, “this has been a very beneficial format as a number of important issues are being resolved that are on the agenda. It has been a lot of work, but a worthwhile exercise.”

Debra Dier, Director of Operations at the Agency was tasked with providing work flow examples for the company prior to their arrival. This was done to allow for the team at Erie to better prepare for the visit as specific examples were provided to show how the Watertown agency works on a daily basis. This data exchange is essential as much of the information is received comes in and goes out on an upload and downloaded basis between agency and carrier.

 Initially Douglas Dier met at the home office in Erie Pennsylvania to work with management at the company to set the agenda. Information was then shared digitally between the offices to better prepare for the actual visit. When the Erie team arrived on site this initiative was well underway. These topics were then further examined to provide a deeper understanding of issues that relate to information exchange between agency and company.  Debra Dier stated that “much was accomplished during this two day visit and it was great to work with Erie on this initiative. We were honored that our agency was chosen.”

 Robert Ingram and the Chief Information Officer at the Erie came up with the idea during a Task Force Meeting when he and Dier were working together.  According to the Mr. Ingram, “Our team was excited about the opportunity to travel and go knock down some problems that face the agency today.  We especially appreciate Doug and Debbie for hosting the inaugural voyage of our agency visit program. It has been fun to watch the process. ”

 The Dier team asked to give examples of “pain points” that agent face today so that those working on projects at the company would have better understanding. “The objective is to get information to and from the carrier with the highest degree of security, accuracy and efficiency. Ease of doing business is very important today.” Said Douglas Dier; “It is great to work with such a talented group of people from a great insurance company. It is exciting that an agency from Northern New York has a direct impact on how Erie Insurance delivers products and services to the marketplace.”

 Erie Insurance Group offers coverage through Independent Agents such as A. T. Matthews & Dier, offering both personal and commercial insurance. The carrier has received a number of  awards from J.D Powers and Associates for customer satisfaction. Additional information Erie Insurance Company is available online at  You may also contact the agency at 315-782-2020 to learn more or log into